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A Vision for Sustainable Healthcare

The branch restaurant, 6:45pm, January 16, 2011

Canada’s cherished healthcare system currently faces many challenges. Millions of Canadians do not have access to a family doctor, and healthcare currently gobbles up nearly half of the provincial budget in Ontario. Chronic disease has reached epidemic proportions, with rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer on the rise. Yet, our current healthcare model repeatedly fails to deal with these problems effectively, despite the billions spent. Antibiotics are swiftly losing effectiveness against resistant bacteria, and pandemics like swine flu revealed just how ill prepared our governments are to deal with an outbreak of serious infectious disease. Juxtaposing these realities against the backdrop of an aging population, budgetary restraint and climate change, is our healthcare system sustainable?

Is there a more sustainable model for healthcare? How can we as a community help each other live healthier lives and prevent illness, rather than just reacting to it? What is the role for traditional healing methods such as herbal medicine and nutrition in preventing and treating disease? What are the untapped economic opportunities that a new approach could offer the residents of North Grenville?

In this talk, Dr. Shawn Yakimovich, ND reviews the challenges facing the current system, and looks at the opportunities for positive change that this crisis presents to our community. Shawn is a naturopathic doctor who lives and practices in Kemptville. He brings a unique perspective to the healthcare discussion, based on his background in human nutrition and naturopathic medical practice.

Shawn will outline how naturopathic principles create a medical paradigm that is rational, preventative, holistic and responsive to community needs. Such a system requires us to be good stewards of our environment and is therefore both dependent on, and supportive of sustainable ecological, agricultural and economic practices. He believes unique opportunities exist in our local community that can make North Grenville a model community when it comes to the health of our residents and our environment.