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Sustainability Book Presented to Library

Graham and Higgins

Tom Graham presents Towards Sustainable Communities to North Grenville Library CEO Sue Higgins.

A new book is now available on the shelves of the North Grenville Public Library. A copy of the recently published Towards Sustainable Communities was donated recently on behalf of local citizens’ group Sustainable North Grenville.

The book – now in its fourth edition – is heralded as the ‘single most useful resource for creating vibrant, healthy, equitable, economically viable places.’ The new edition presents a leading-edge overview of sustainability, with compelling new case studies and expanded treatment of sustainability in rural as well as urban settings.

North Grenville resident Tom Graham met the author of the book, Mark Roseland, at a conference in Kingston last April. The conference, organized by the Queen’s School of Business Monieson Centre was themed Sustainable Economies, Sustainable Communities and connected academics, policymakers, community leaders, and business people around pressing rural economic development issues.

“The need to make our communities sustainable is more urgent than ever before,” said Graham, a member of the citizen’s group. “North Grenville is taking some solid steps in the direction of sustainability, but there’s lots more to be done – especially if we’re to maintain our claim of being ‘Green & Growing’. This book shows examples of how other communities are doing it, and paves the way for North Grenville to take action.”

Graham is also North Grenville’s Community Liaison Representative working with the County’s Leeds & Grenville Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP).

Sue Higgins gratefully acknowledged receiving the book. “Our library is becoming known as a vital resource in the community,” stated Higgins. “Towards Sustainable Communities will be an excellent addition to the library’s growing collection of resource materials.”

Reviews call the book “Required reading for policymakers, educators, social enterprises and engaged citizens, this ‘living book’ will appeal to anyone concerned about community sustainability and a livable future.” It contains concrete, innovative solutions to a host of municipal challenges, including:

  • Energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling
  • Water, sewage, transportation and housing
  • Climate change and air quality
  • Land use and urban planning.

The book also contains a complete list of online resources and tools.

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Tom Graham
Sustainable North Grenville
(613) 258-3885

Sue Higgins, CEO
North Grenville Public Library
(613) 258- 4711