2015 Sustainability Fair—April 26th


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COMING SOON: Spring …and the 8th Annual North Grenville Sustainability Fair!

Record-breaking cold temperatures this winter may have had you raising your hands in surrender, but it’s finally starting to feel like Spring! It’s March; the snow is melting; the longer daylight hours help to brighten your mood AND you can look forward to the first community fair of the year next month on Sunday, April 26th, “The 2015 North Grenville Sustainability Fair & Market”.

The Sustainability Fair brings together community groups, locally-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, market vendors, conservation groups and cultural organizations from North Grenville and the surrounding area all of whom are important threads in the cultural, environmental and economic fabric of a thriving community. Sustainability means combining all these strands to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the generations to come.

At this year’s Sustainability Fair you can look forward to a day out for all the family. Talk with local producers, examine nature displays, enjoy a delicious lunch, find volunteer opportunities, create in the kid’s area or even join a new club.  Members of the Farmer’s Market will be on hand with a sampling of the wares you can expect to find when the market season starts.

Electric vehicles are making a comeback this year! The future of transportation is not individually-driven fossil-fuelled cars, but more low carbon options such as E.V’s, electric hybrids, car sharing, mass transportation, and bikes. We are taking over one of the arena floors at the Municipal Centre with up to a dozen electric vehicles. Come and talk to their owners and find out everything you have always wanted to know about driving a car of the future!

Think warm thoughts and prepare to come out of hibernation! Get to know your community better at the 8th Annual N. G. Sustainability Fair  & Market on Sunday, April 26th from 10am-2pm at the North Grenville Municipal Centre, 285 County Rd 44, Kemptville. IT’S FREE!


If you are planning on attending the Fair and think that you could help out for half an hour to an hour either at the Welcome Table or on the Sustainable North Grenville Table then we would love to hear from you. We are also hoping to have a dishwashing crew this year so that Chef Bruce and other food vendors can use real plates for their delicious offerings. Students needing volunteer hours are also encouraged to contact us.

Contact Jeanne or Clare at sngfair@magma.ca about volunteering or if you are interested in booking a table at the Fair. We have a few free booth spaces left for non-profit community organizations or clubs who want to reach potential new members.

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