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Sustainable and Renewable Energy Options…the future in NOW!

Come out to our free information evening on Tuesday, October 20th at the Branch Restaurant, 6:45 for 7pm start.

Sustainable North Grenville is hosting an information evening that will include three guest speakers talking about sustainable and renewable energy options for you, your home and your future.

Kim Scott will be speaking on behalf of The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative.  Currently it is made up of 440 residents of Eastern Ontario who collectively own 1 Megawatt of solar panels producing electricity on 13 rooftops across the region.  The $5 million capital to build these projects has been primarily invested by OREC members through the sale of shares and notes with 3-5% annual returns.  Until Oct 31 residents of Eastern Ontario are invited to join the co-op and invest in the current offering including RRSP and TFSA eligible securities.

Adam Cameron, of etrilum Light Inc. will talk about LED lights for homes, explaining the common types of lights in homes and the replacement options, including how much money you can save every month.  His knowledge extends to commercial buildings and he will be available to answer questions on the cost incentive programs of up to 50% for installing LED lights in businesses.

Lynne Leblanc will be speaking about renewable energy options, explaining what they are, how you can implement them into your home and help you determine what might be best for your particular situation.  Topics will include Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Hot Water, Geothermal, Wind & Air.

Chris Weissflog will add a couple concrete examples that apply the general lessons from the presentations.  He will use his house as an example of measures that can be taken for conservation and efficiency.

Join us on Tuesday, October 20th at the Branch Restaurant, 6.45 for 7pm start.

Cash bar and snacks by donation.

SNG events are open to everyone; no membership required. An opportunity to sit among friends to rejoice in the election results… or to drown your sorrows…