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Sustainable Living Seminars

Drop in to the 9th Annual North Grenville Sustainability Fair & Market to learn about local food initiatives and how to produce healthy food at home in an environmentally sustainable manner.  Local experts and community members who are leading the way will be sharing their experiences in a series of seminars that form part of Sustainable North Grenville’s 2016 Sustainability Fair & Market on Sunday, April 17th at the North Grenville Municipal Centre, between 10Am and 3PM.


Two Rivers Food Hub—10:30 

SNG has assembled an impressive line-up of speakers and interesting topics.  Bruce Enloe will kick off the event at 10:30 a.m by providing an overview of the recently launched Two Rivers Food Hub.  People can learn about the services the Hub provides to local farmers and food processors, as well as which fresh, local food products they make available for purchase.  As its General Manager, Bruce will not only tell us how far this fledgling organization has come, but also give an outline of plans for its further evolution.


Farming Without a Tractor: How Multi-Species Grazing Can Help Cultivate a Farm—11:00

At 11:00 a.m Luke Swales will lead a 50 minute session on organic farming.  Luke operates his Earth’s Harvest Farm in Oxford Mills using sustainable, rotation techniques that not only provide better natural feed and reduced risk of parasites and disease for the animals he raises for market, but also build up the resilience of the soil.  Luke has also introduced new vegetable varieties to our markets.  It’s guaranteed that Luke’s enthusiasm will be contagious and will excite you as you learn about sustainable agriculture techniques.


Keeping Chickens at Home—Noon

At noon, you can find out how you could keep chickens at home.  Tim and Margot Allen of Merrickville will share with you their stories, decisions you’ll need to make, what you need to make it work and what you can expect as an outcome.


Keeping Bees—12:30

Our 12:30 p.m. speaker is as sweet as they come. Peter Rooney, a bee keeping expert will be discussing the production of honey and how to get your very own backyard hive started. He will introduce the ins and outs of the sweet stuff that will surely keep you buzzin’ to get your own hive started.


Introduction to Permaculture—1:00

Kurt Liebe, of Miku Valley Permaculture Research and Projects will follow with a look at farming with nature – instead of working against the land – to create a more symbiotic existence. Kurt’s work focuses on sustainable development in areas ranging from Sustainable Food and Lifestyle to Farm Design and Layout. Be sure to check in for this half hour session on what is up and coming in continuous agriculture.



To round out our gardening series, Gerry Baker from Westport and whom many may know from her business work with “The Worm Factory”, will show you how worms can help you turn your kitchen and garden waste into healthy, nutrient rich soil.  She is passionate about using earthworms and other soil microorganisms for composting both indoors and out.  Join Gerry at 1:30 p.m. and take home some of the wisdom she is sharing, and maybe also bring home some worms so you can begin practicing vermiculture right away!


Electric Vehicles: Charging into the Future—2:00

The seminar series “switches gear” at 2:00 p.m. when we change topics completely to Electric Vehicles (EV).  Jeff Goodman will provide an overview of the basics before showing what is expected in the EV marketplace over the next few years.  New and exciting models are coming with more modest purchase prices, more range, more capabilities, and suited to different needs for different families.  If you are at all intrigued by EVs, don’t miss this opportunity to hear it from one of North Grenville’s most enthusiastic EV owners.  And the best part is that the presentation will follow a complete EV show that is yet another part of the Sustainability Fair.  Owners of EVs like Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Ford C-Max Energi, Tesla Model S, and Kia Soul EV will be displaying their cars. They’ll answer your questions and describe what it’s like to own and operate one.

Like the rest of the Sustainability Fair that they are a part of, the seminars and EV show are free to attend.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and make contacts that will help you travel down the road toward a sustainable lifestyle.